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    02 Nov 2018

    What Being a "Tenant" Really Means: The Importance of Knowing Key Leasing Terms

      There are a bevy of commercial real estate terms that can be super c...

    29 Aug 2018

    Two Quick Takeaways and a Resource from PeopleFund’s Luncheon

    Role models and confidence. These two concepts are vital for small bus...

    28 Aug 2018

    How Can I Get Access to Incentives or Abatements as a Commercial Tenant?

    Tenants of all shapes and sizes have to worry about their rent. Someti...

    20 Aug 2018

    Tower of the Future Under Construction in Houston

    24 Jul 2018

    Commercial Tenants Ask Tenavox...Should I Buy a Building Instead of Leasing?

    To Rent or to Buy? Seems like we get this question alot...

    13 Jul 2018

    Why The Tenant Experience Matters in Your Building: Real Results

    Tenant Feedback Matters! How we saved a client $400,000+ in less than ...

    04 Dec 2017

    The future of commercial real estate is here…you just have to listen.

    20 Sep 2017

    Why we're here. The story of Tenavox.

    What's your mission?

    05 Jun 2017
    launch leasing startup Tenavox | 1 min read

    Tenavox.com is live!

    Today, Tenavox is pleased to announced the launch of our open beta, co...

    26 May 2017
    leasing Tech Tenavox | 3 min read

    What is Tenavox?

    Tenavox was formed with a simple mission. Create and deliver a platfor...

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