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24 Jul 2018

Commercial Tenants Ask Tenavox...Should I Buy a Building Instead of Leasing?

To Rent or to Buy? Seems like we get this question alot...

20 Jul 2018

Why the Amount of Office Space You Lease is Just as Important as the Cost

Without fail, the number one thing we encounter at Tenavox when we get...

13 Jul 2018

Why The Tenant Experience Matters in Your Building: Real Results

Tenant Feedback Matters! How we saved a client $400,000+ in less than ...

21 May 2018
#CRE leasing | 5 min read

How to save $10,000 on your next commercial lease

Need Help? Check out our exclusive Education Center to Learn and Empow...

12 Apr 2018

Austin Market Update for Tenants: Q1 2018

It’s springtime in Austin (yes, we’re surprised as well) but the comme...

21 Feb 2018
#CRE leasing | 5 min read

Tenavox Tenant Tips: Houston Q1 2018

It’s smack dab in the middle of Spring in Houston and it’s still cold!...

04 Dec 2017

The future of commercial real estate is here…you just have to listen.

30 Oct 2017

Why companies are fighting back against “dark data” in commercial real estate.

Leasing commercial real estate is still an antiquated, painful process...

20 Sep 2017

Why we're here. The story of Tenavox.

What's your mission?

31 Aug 2017
#CRE leasing #rebuild | 10 min read

Getting your business back on its feet after a disaster

Is your business closed or damaged by the flooding? We're terribly sor...

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