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    Written by Josh Feinberg
    on May 26, 2017

    Tenavox was formed with a simple mission. Create and deliver a platform for Tenants to make the best possible lease decision. 100% for Tenants.

    Although small businesses make up over 30 million organizations in the United States, occupying over 30 billion square feet, the average business is under-represented and under-informed. 

    Who has the power?

    Access to quality commercial real estate leasing data is expensive, often inaccurate, usually not relevant and almost never timely. Good information is often held in the hands of few to keep the power in negotiations in the hands of Landlords and their representatives.

    Online, the vast majority of CRE technology products are built to serve those very same parties. This has left small business owners and decision makers in the relative dark.

    Business decision makers need a professional, digestible and accessible resource for making commercial lease decisions; they need to be empowered. This is what Tenavox is all about from a completely new angle.

    Reviews Drive Decisions

    Online today, 8 out of 10 consumers use recommendations and reviews in their purchase decisions. In every other facet of decisions for your business from computers to consultants to copy services, accurate data, recommendations and feedback are the absolute normal before making a purchase or signing a contract.

    Ditto in your personal life. You read reviews for a car you are thinking of buying and read ratings on the hotels you're considering for vacation. You view recommendations on who to hire for your landscaping project at your home and use matching services to find a date.

    So why, WHY!, wouldn't you want to know what other Tenants are paying and think about a building on which you're about to sign multi-year, multi-thousand dollar financial commitment?

    The current commercial leasing environment

    Go to any online listing site It's built for Landlords and brokers. Most of the time if the building isn't being paid to be "listed" on the site it doesn't even exist on the site! What they don't tell you is:

    • "Listings" for space are really just advertisements. Ultimately all you will find on these sites are brochures and almost certainly outdated space data, which help a Tenant literally ZERO. Its purpose is to entice you to call each broker individually. None of which tell you what you really need to know, "what SHOULD I pay for this lease?" and "does it fit my needs?"
    • Updating of space inventory is near impossible for representatives and coordinators. Most brokerage houses have nowhere near the time and effort to keep this massive (and fragmented) inventory accurate. Make a call for space and odds are you'll be told the listing is "old" or "not right"?
    • Tools for accurate comparison of leases, analyzing of deal points and powerful search functionalities are sold to these same owners and their representatives for exorbitant costs, but not to you the prospective Tenant. This assures the industry status quo, that the best information stays with only the landlord side of the business.

    Until now...

    The Tenavox Platform
    • An efficient platform for businesses where Tenants access digestible and accurate data on what other Tenants think and pay for leases in their market. The buildings, ratings, information and data on our platform are collected, uploaded and maintained by us and by your fellow Tenants

    • We don't ask Landlords and Brokers to keep and update space inventory on their site. We ask them to tell us what kinds of Tenants they are looking for, and similarly, we ask Tenants to tell us what they're looking for in their commercial lease space. Neat huh? We work to connect real time needs with real time wants. Our  machine-learning preference Smart-Match system ensures Tenants and Landlords only work with each other when there is a true qualification. This ensures time savings, effort and alignment of interests for both parties, and it empowers Tenants to come to the negotiation table armed with what counts most: informed insight, in this case driven by their fellow Tenants.

    • Professional, digestible and relevant ratings for buildings built around what matters most to a business, NOT a vacuous "Class A,B or C" building rating, along with resources, tools, guides and more to help level the playing field in lease negotiations.

    • A safe and anonymous advocacy platform where Tenants can feel comfortable reviewing and providing feedback on their buildings. The goal is for our community of business decision makers to gather to crowdsource issues, experiences and questions on potential lease assets.

      We think our platform delivers a one-stop site for making your lease decision as efficient, economical and fair as possible.

    Learn more and join our open beta today at www.tenavox.com

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